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Series 20 Sleeper Express "Yuzuru/Hakutsuru" Updated on 2018/11/22
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Kato will make the scale models of series 20 Sleeper Limited Express gYuzuruh and gHakutsuruh which used to travel between Ueno and Aomori through the Northeast part of Japan.

gYuzuruh was the 2nd sleeper limited express which started the operation from Ueno station in October, 1965. Then the AC electrified track was still under extension on the Joban line. So a steam locomotive C62 drew gYuzuruh between the un-electrified area between Taira and Sendai that was talked about a lot as the last series 20 passenger train pulled by C62.

Meanwhile, gHakutsuruh was the very 1st sleeper limited express departing from Ueno which made the debut in October, 1984, 1 year prior to gYuzuruh. The train traveled between Ueno and Tokyo via Tohoku line combining a rare coach with seats NAHA 20. gHakutsuruh started the operation with series 583 in 1968 by replacing and transferring series 20 used so far for gHakutsuruh to gYuzuruh.

Cat No. Description Price (w/o Tax)
10-1518 Series 20 Sleeper Express "Yuzuru/Hakutsuru" 8-Car Basic Set  upcoming models  [Check] 15,400 yen
10-1353 Series 20 Sleeper Express NAHANE 20 6-Car Add-On  upcoming models  [Check] 11,200 yen

EF80 1st (without Eaves)

DD51 Mid Period Cold Region

ED71 2nd
  Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit (Clear) Item No.:11-211 MSRP:720
  Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit for 6 Cars (Clear) Item No.:11-212 MSRP:3,600
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