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@Home >> New Model Information >> Series 485-200 / Series 485 Limited Express "Midori" [ English / Japanese ]

Series 485-200 / Series 485 Limited Express "Midori" Updated on 2018/01/17
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@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

Kato will make the scale model of Series 485-200, the first version of the electric rice cooker by nickname.
It is the model which emerged in 1972 with the top car equipped with a gangway door and the air conditioner changed to floor installation model AU71A in order to accommodate more passengers. Since 1976, the train combining limited expresses gKAMOMEh and gMIDORIh started the service between Hakata and Nagasaki/Sasebo. gMIDORIh was much talked about as the then shortest limited express train just consisting of 4 carriages.

By combining the 6-car basic set with those to be released simultaneously such as #10-1129 Series 485 Late Stage 2-Car Add-On Set, #4556 SAHA 481 Early or #4570 SARO 481 you make and enjoy former famous limited expresses such as gYAMABIKOh, gRAICHOh or gNICHIRINh as well as the combination of gKAMOMEh and gMIDORIh.
Cat No. Description Price (w/o Tax)
10-1479 Series 485-200 6-Car Basic Set  upcoming models  [Check] 17,800 yen
10-1129 Series 485 Late 2-Car Add-On Set  upcoming models  [Check] 3,800 yen
4556 SAHA 481 Early  upcoming models  [Check] 2,000 yen
4570 SAHA 481 Late  upcoming models  [Check] 1,700 yen
11-328 Train Mark Changer for 485-200 (JR/Illustration)  upcoming models  [Check] 1,600 yen
10-1480 Limited Express 485 "Midori"4-Car Set  upcoming models  [Check] 14,000 yen

Series 485 Early "Raicho"

Series 485-300
  Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit (Clear) Item No.:11-211 MSRP:720
  Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit for 6 Cars (Clear) Item No.:11-212 MSRP:3,600
License aplied with JR East Japan, JR Tokai, JR West Japan and JR Kyushu
The distribution schedule, the price, and the specifications, etc. might change without a previous notice.