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DCC Decoders for "Kato"Electric or Diesel Trains Updated on 2006/02/28
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Top: EM13, Left: FL12, Right: FR11

3 kinds of Decoders have made their debut. They receive and decode codes from DCC (Digital Command Control) controller to control the driving and lighting in electric and diesel trains. They can be plugged into those electric and diesel trains and passenger car White LED lighting sets which have been designed and manufaced by Kato to be DCC friendly. (No need of soldering.)

Cat No. Description Price (Tax in)
29-351 Decoder for driving train motor EM13 2,100 yen
29-352 Decoder for lighting a top car FL12 1,575 yen
29-353 Decoder for lighting passenger cars FR11 1,575 yen
※ The distribution schedule, the price, and the specifications, etc. might change without a previous notice.
●  Decoder for driving train motor EM13
 ・Max. Current:1A(Peak Current: 1.5A) 
 ・Reset・BEMF(Control of constant speed)・Transponding(Detecting Train Position)Function
 ・No function circuit
 ・(After once detaching under-floor details and truck)insert it under the floor of a powered car
●  Decoder for lighting a top car
 ・Transponding(Detecting Train Position)Function
 ・2 funtion circuits (each up to 125 mA)
 ・Lights switches automatically between and white and red in accordance with the direction of run of the train.
 ・The direction in installation of the p.c.board determines whether the white head light or red taillight lights up.(Insert the p.c.board the other way around in the tail end car in a train)
 ・First detach the under-floor detals and remove the turnoff switch and install the decoder where the turnoff switch was.
●  Decoder for lighting passenger cars FR11
 ・Transponding(Detecting Train Position)Function
 ・1 funtion circuit (up to 65 mA)
 ・Put the decoder together with white LED Passenger Car Lighing Unit and using the included bracket install them into the car.
 *The decoder can not be used for light-bulb used passenger car lighting sets 11-201 11-204 11-205 11-206.
 ・Japanese instruction sheet is included.
●  Passenger Car Lighting Kit (White LED Type) Item No.:11-209 MSRP:735 yen
●  Passenger Car Lighting Kit for 6 Cars (White LED Type) Item No.:11-210 MSRP:3,675 yen
 *Transponding function is a function to find out the position of a particular train in the track layout and learn the status of the train. Such information can be shown on the screen of throttle or personal computer.
 *With decoders FL12・FR11, you can only "write in", cannot "read out" program. Sometimes, error(「d_nA」)is shown during "writing in". Inspite of this, program is written regularly. You do not have to worry. When you are not sure of the written in program, please write new program over the old program.For details.