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 Home >> New Model Information >> HB-E300 Resort Shirakami (Buna consist)HB-E300系 「リゾートしらかみ」(ブナ編成) [ English / Japanese ]

HB-E300 Resort Shirakami (Buna (beech) consist) Updated on 2017/10/17
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HB-E300 Resort Shirakami (Buna (beech) consist)

HB-E300 Resort Shirakami (Aoike (Blue Lake) consist))   Loupe (Enlarged Image)

  Loupe (Enlarged Image)

  Loupe (Enlarged Image)

Kato will make in N scale Series HB-E300 “Resort Shirakami” (Buna (beech) consist)

Just like the Aoike (blue lake) consist already released as a scale model by Kato, it is in service, furnished with large windows, observation and event spaces as a sight-seeing train on Gono line. As part of the tour by “Train Suite Shikishima”, this train is operated sometimes with the tour guests aboard. It has emerged in 2016 as the newest model among series HB-300. Different from the other models, this model has the headlights modified into LED and it is now equipped with two HID lamps.

Kato will reproduce the beautiful train body as a scale model with the gradated beech tree patterns in the fine details. The train will stand out when it is run on a diorama or displayed as a collection item.
The wide windows for the tourist train allows looking into the train. So it will make more fun if you place figures in the train to reproduce the inside crowded with tourists

Together with “Resort Shirakami” Aoike (Blue Lake) consist, you can represent the landscape with Gono line.
Cat No. Description Price (w/o Tax)
10-1367 HB-E300 Resort Shirakami (Aoike (Blue Lake) consist)) 4-Car Set 13,500 yen
10-1463 HB-E300 Resort Shirakami (Buna (beech) consist)  upcoming models  [Check] 13,500 yen


E5 Shinkansen

Driver/Conductor (Dark Blue Winter Uniform)
●  Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit (Clear) Item No.:11-211 MSRP:¥720
●  Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit for 6 Cars (Clear) Item No.:11-212 MSRP:¥3,600
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