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@Home >> New Model Information >> D51 200/Series 35 Steam Loco. "Yamaguchi" [ English / Japanese ]

D51 200/Series 35 Steam Locomotive "Yamaguchi" Updated on 2018/04/20
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@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

*Steam Locomotive D51-200

This steam locomotive emerged in 1938 and engaged in drawing train named gSteamh in the yard since it had entered into gUmekoji Steam Locomotive Museumh in 1972. Nonetheless, it returned to the mainlines in November, 2017 to draw steam locomotive train gYamaguchih
This locomotive is characterized by a gorgeous atmosphere created with golden decoration here and there such as boiler bands or deflector rims or with white color painted on the run board sides.

*Series 35-400 Steam Locomotive Train gYamaguchih

Steam Locomotive train gYamaguchih is a special rapid train operated by JR West Japan between Shin-yamaguchi and Tsuwano in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Series 35-4000 passenger train emerged in 2017 to replace the predecessor series 12 gYamaguchih. Series 35-4000 is a brand new train made by using the latest technology, but it looks just like an old-timer passenger-car train of the heydays. It attracts peoplefs attention as a distinctive train combining the retrospective appearance and comfortable interiors.

A scale model train combining the tractor steam locomotive D51-200 and Series 35-4000 passenger cars in a set is planned for the release in August as a specially planned item in a sleeve with the picture of gYamaguchih. Following this, the steam locomotive D51-200 as a single unit and separately sold series 35-4000 passenger car set will both be released in September.

Cat No. Description Price (w/o Tax)
10-1499 D51-200 + Series 35 Steam Locomotive "Yamaguchi" 6-Car Set  upcoming models  [Check] 28,500 yen
2016-8 D51 200  upcoming models  [Check] 13,500 yen
10-1500 D51-200 + Series 4000 "Steam Locomotive "Yamaguchi" 5-Car Set  upcoming models  [Check] 15,000 yen

EF65 1000 Late Stage (JR)

Series 12 JR East Japan

Engineers Figure Set

  Kato will make the N scale model of Series 35-4000 which is currently operated as steam locomotive gYamaguchih
  The set of this passenger car train packed with its locomotive D51 200 will be released as a specially planned product.
  The unique appearance will be represented comprising such design of the old model passenger cars as observation decks on the both ends of the train dummy ventilator and double roof etc. and such latest devices as rooftop coolers and generator under carriage bolsterless trucks.
  The unique atmosphere of the train is accurately reproduced with such details as outstanding observation decks tail marks and taillights.
  Body-mount tight couplers are employed for connection between middle cars while a body-mount Arnold coupler is adopted for the side to connect to the locomotive. A knuckle coupler is provided in the package for exchange.
  DCC friendly
  The specially planned item #10-1499 will be supplied with selectable number plates (Black/Red Background) Knuckle couplers for exchange and double locomotive heading and head marks.
  Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit (Clear/Bulb Color) Item No.:11-213 MSRP:720
  Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit for 6 Cars (Clear/Bulb Color) Item No.:11-214 MSRP:3,600
Licensed by JR West Japan
The distribution schedule, the price, and the specifications, etc. might change without a previous notice.