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Alpine Glacier Express Updated on 2017/04/26
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The locomotive is different from the scale model in the paint scheme.

Locomotive (GE 4/4V RhB Rhaetische Bahn)

@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

gGlacier Expressh is an international sightseeing train, one of the icons for Switzerland which is familiar to many people in the world.

It is very popular as it runs through the European Alps in the southeast part of Switzerland from Zermatt to St. Moritz over two companies' railways "Rhaetishe Bahn" and "Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn" very slowly, spending 8 hours, so that the passengers can enjoy to the full looking at the magnificent Alpine landscape from the panoramic view windows.
Cat No. Description Price (w/o Tax)
10-1145 Aline Glacier Express 3-Car Basic Set Powered  now on sale  @ Aug/17 10,200 yen
10-1146 Aline Glacier Express 4-Car Add-On Set  now on sale  @ Aug/17 8,000 yen
  gGlacier Expressh one of popular sightseeing trains in Switzerland now makes its debut as an N-scale model.
  The train of a kind of narrow gauge called gmeter gaugeh is now made as a 1/150 scale model.
  The scale model can negotiate even R150 curve track in gUnitrack Compacth.
  The scale model represents the latest train consisting of new gpremium coachesh introduced in 2006.
  The large panorama windows on the scale models gGlacier Expressh makes it possible to place the passenger figures like looking out of the windows as they are seen from outside.
  The locomotive GE 4/4 III RhB is equipped with motor unit with flywheels to realize powerful run.
  The basic set is packed in a color packaging box with hanging hole add-on set in a 6-car bookcase box.
  The basic set is complete with gUnitrackh track (Straight 124mm x 3) and re-railer for display on the track.
© Rhaetische Bahn
The distribution schedule, the price, and the specifications, etc. might change without a previous notice.