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 Home >> New Model Information >> Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Series-1 6-car set [ English / Japanese ]

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Series-1 6-car set Updated on 2011/06/16
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Ginza Line's 01-type is indispensable vehicle of the Tokyo Metro urban traffic and finally appears from KATO in the the commuting transportation of Tokyo as well as in JR. Ginza Line was the first subway in Tokyo that opened in 1927 and the very first in the Orient. Afterwards, it becomes the Capital Transit Authority, and it has developed as a kernel of the passenger transportation of capital Tokyo.
01 faction concept model appeared in 1983, organizing it with the old model car replacement in 1997 and now presently completed up to 38 consists. The compact size of Tokyo Metro with the greatest feature of 01 faction is adequately reproduced and available in KATO.
Cat No. Description Price (Tax in)
10-864 Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Series-1 6-car set 16,800 yen
●  Ginza Line which opened at the beginning of the Showa Era is kept being said it's old model crossing section to small tunnel with a compact size of 16m body. 01 faction concept model appeared in 1983 organizing as replacement car with the old model in 1997 and was completed up to 38 cars and even now greatly contributes improving the image and speed-up of Ginza Line. Although it is a subway it has a final stop at the Shibuya station which is geographically featured in complex Tokyo and has a 3rd floor building an active subway as the aorta of the capital.

●  Peculiar as an initial subway it runs in narrow tunnels with orange sash and aluminum compact 16m body flat roof without pantograph small section set indispensable interior lights etc. We will inform you later for further details regarding the power units equipped flywheel and suspension mechanism and 6-car book set.
●  The interior light is a novel exploitation. We will inform you in details later.
※ Commercialization permission for Tokyo Metro Co. Ltd is being applied for.
※ The distribution schedule, the price, and the specifications, etc. might change without a previous notice.