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Unitram LRT Starter Set, Basic & Expansion Sets V50 & V54, etc. Updated on 2010/10/20
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@@Loupe (Enlarged Image)

@@Loupe (Enlarged Image)

40-800 Unitram LRT Starter Set TLR0600 (Red)@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

40-800 Unitram LRT Basic Track Set V50@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

Easy Plate Connection Method@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

Connectable with Kato Unitrack@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

Attached with many accessories to represent realistic town scenes@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

Just place structures as they are designed in standerdized dimensions to fit the track plates@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

40-804 Unitram LRT Expansion Set Straight V54@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

40-821 Unitram Expansion Set Crossing@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

40-820 Unitram Expansion Set Street@ Loupe (Enlarged Image)

A new transit system called Light Rail is employed more and more in cities in USA and Europe for its eco-friendliness.
In Japan as well, the first LRT (Light Rail Transit) began operation in 2006 in Toyama. While the railroads have been made to match with the speed of trains, LRT is rather made with the concept of matching it with people's speed and convenience, by making the distance between stops short and the floor low.
Please use houses and trees, etc. sold by Kato and make lively streets where LRT runs.
Cat No. Description Price (Tax in)
40-900 Unitram LRT Starter Set inc. TLR0601(Red) 32,550 yen
40-800 Unitram LRT Track Set V50 18,900 yen
40-804 Unitram LRT Expansion Set Straight Track V54  now on sale  @ Oct/11 4,620 yen
40-821 Unitram LRT Expansion Set Crossing  now on sale  @ Oct/11 6,195 yen
40-820 Unitram LRT Expansion Set Street  now on sale  @ Oct/11 4,620 yen
43-730 Unitram LRT Stop  now on sale  @ Oct/11 1,260 yen
43-731 Unitram LRT Catenary Pole  now on sale  @ Oct/11 1,050 yen
44-847 Unitram LRT Feeder  now on sale  @ Oct/11 473 yen

Unitram LRT TLR0600
  Unitram is a compact table-top diorama system which allows people to enjoy making a town with trams running.
  Unitram Starter Set comprises a set of ground plates with track to make a table-top diorama (682 mm x 620 mm)(The dimensions can be changed by changing the combination of plates) and a tram (Toyama LRT Tram TLR 600) and a power pack controller. Just by placing structures which are sold separately a town can be created very easily.
  Plate connection system: New plates are developed to make a town with tram track in a small size of table-top diorama.
  Realistic representation of pavement: Surfaces of stone paving on tram track zebra crossings and sidewalks for pedestrians are realistically represented.
  Track especially designed for trams: The distance between double track rails (25 mm on straight stretch) is designed narrower than that for normal railroad (33 mm). The radius is R180 for inside and outside track curves.
  Connectible with Unitrack: The standards of the track is basically the same as those of Unitrack such as length of a track section height rail bed width and connection method using Unijoiners rail cross section etc.
  40-900 Unitram Starter Set or 40-900 Basic Track Set includes such accessories as tram stops catenary poles signals etc.

  40-900 Basic Track SetEV50
 Contentsiincluded in all the track setsj
  Unitram Track PlateiTrack+RoadjUnit Size:496mm~620mm
 Straight Track Plate 124mm~2 Curve Track Plate Crossing R180~4
  Uniram Road PlateiTownjUnit Size:186mm~620mm
 Road Plate S124mm~1 Road Crossing Center~2 Road Crosing Corner~2
 EAccessory Kit
 Tram Stop Parts~3 kinds Tram Stop Sickers ~1 Divider~2 Cateanry Pole~2 kindsifor Straight ~1 for Curve~4j Fence~3 Signal~2 Streetlight~2 Rerailer~1 Feeder~2 Unijoiner Remover~1 Joiner~28 Plate Joiner A~32 Plate Joiner B~4
 EBackdrop Pictures ~1 Seti2 pcs.j
 EInstruction Booklet~1
 40-900 Starter Set
  In addition to the above specified common contents Starter Set has the following:
 ETram Car TLR0601iRedj~1
  Power Pack~1AAC Transformer~1
  40-804 Unitram Expansion Set Straight Track V54
 EExpands diorama by adding it in combination with Starter Set or V50 Track Set.
 EBy additing one set of this the dioram can be extended by 124mm in a vertical or holizontal direction.
  ContentsEEERoad with sidewalk S124x2ACenter Pole x2AFences Street Light. Usable as a base for a small diorama.
  40-821 Unitram Expansion Set Crossing Without Tack
 ContentsEEEStraight Road S186x2 Straight Road S124x2ACrossing Cornerx2AFences Signal Streetlight
  40-820 Unitam Expansion Set Street Without Track
 ContentsEEEStraight Road S186x2ACrossing Cornerx4AFences Signal Streetlights
  43-730 Unitram Stop
 ContentsEEETram Stopx2iFor Inside and Outside TrackAEa. 1j
  43-731 Unitam Catenary Poles
 ContensEEEFor Straightx3Afor Curvex2
  44-847 Unitram Feeder
The distribution schedule, the price, and the specifications, etc. might change without a previous notice.