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 Home >> New Model Information >> Yokohama High-Speed Railways Y500 [ English / Japanese ]

Yokohama High-Speed Railways Y500 8-Car Set Updated on 2018/08/22
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  Loupe (Enlarged Image)

横浜高速鉄道は、横浜市や神奈川県などが出資する第三セクターで、横浜〜元町・中華街間 にみなとみらい線の路線を持ちます。基本的な運行形態は東急東横線の車両と共通とされているため、自社線内・東横線内はもとより、東京メトロ副都心線・東武東上線・西武池袋線(有楽町線)への直通運用にも充当され、幅広い地域をカバーします。
Cat No. Description Price (w/o Tax)
10-1459 Yokohama High-Speed Railways Y500 8-Car Set  upcoming models  [Check] 22,000 yen

Tokyu Dentetsu 5050

Tokyu Dentetsu 5050-4000〈Shibuya Hikarie号〉10両セット※特別企画品

Sound Card〈Tokyu 5050〉

Seibu Railways 40000

Tokyo Metro Yurakucho/Fukutoshin 10000
●  Yokohama High-Speed Railways is a joint public-private venture invested by Yokohama City and Kanagawa Prefecture etc.) owns Minato Mirai line operated between Yokohama and Motomachi/China Town.
●  Series Y500 was put in service in 2004 when the Minato Mirai line was inaugurated. Despite almost the same look as Tokyu series 5000 it dons the paint scheme on the body sides consisting of blue symbolizing sea waves in Yokohama Bay yellow gradation representing Yokohama as a vibrant city and the top side metallic blue signifying it as a developing city.
●  Kato will reproduce in the scale model not only the bold paint-scheme on the body the highlight of this train but also the roof painted all blue including the antenna bases and the yellow belt on the top of roof of the top car just like the real train. What’s more such design is elaborately reproduced as the red distinguishing belt beside conductor’s cabin and the blue belt vertically drawn in the pictogram of wheelchair etc.
●  Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit (Clear) Item No.:11-211 MSRP:¥720
●  Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit for 6 Cars (Clear) Item No.:11-212 MSRP:¥3,600
※ License pending with Yokohama High-Speed Railwasy
※ The distribution schedule, the price, and the specifications, etc. might change without a previous notice.